Damian Ortega’s publishing project

Alias is an independent editorial project that publishes texts it considers to be valuable contemporary art references. These include creations that have not yet been translated into Spanish or have not been printed and distributed in Spanish speaking countries, as well as creations that have been discontinued or were never distributed in Mexico.

The press was conceived by Damián Ortega as a program for publishing a collection comprised of texts written in the artists’ own hand, in addition to texts initially generated as interviews or lectures. Alias currently approaches contemporary art through its own editions, a selection of catalogues and art criticism, in the form of essays and other texts.

Alias’s publications are distinguished by an independent and subjective selection of titles; by features and designs consistent with its proposed objectives as it seeks to maintain an austere and economical style while simultaneously emphasizing the relationship between the content and appearance of each book.

The press has turned its attention to various means of distribution with the goal of finding new readers and reaching interested audiences.

Alias is a non-profit entity.

Its principal objective is to enrich the medium of contemporary art and art publishing in Spanish by means of disseminating artists’ work, whilst also precipitating its demystification and making it accessible to students, art-related audiences and readers at large.

The Antítesis collection by Alias press consists of projects developed by mexican artists. The name “antithesis” stems from an understanding of art as a reflective dynamic engaged in constant self-questioning.


Damián Ortega
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Olga Rodríguez
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Claudia Romero
Distribution Manager
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Christian Burgos

Marek Wolfryd
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Designers that have collaborated with Alias: Priscila Vanneuville, Deborah Guzmán, Cristina Paoli, Victor M. Santos Gally, León Muñoz Santini, Daniela Rocha, Nicolás Franky and Selva Hernández.