Una página de chistes

Ad Reinhardt

Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967) was an American painter and writer, primarily known for his abstract painting and for being a precursor to minimalism and to the conceptual art of the 1960’s and 70’s. Reinhardt developed his first paintings and drawings through collage, a technique he perfected through time. From 1941 on he also focused on a more commercial vein of graphic design and began to collaborate with newspapers and magazines. Una página de chistes [A page of jokes], the comic series comprised of 30 prints on poster, was originally published serially in P.M., an antifascist and anticommunist New York tabloid; it was later published in the magazine Trans/formation, and finally in Art News.

In “Los Comics de arte y las sátiras de Ad Reinhardt” [“Ad Reinhardt: Art Comics and Satires,”] the comprehensive study that accompanies and comments on the 30 prints, Reinhardt is described by his friend the art critic, Thomas B. Hess, as someone possessing a categorical mind, with “a genius for amassing information and sorting it in marvelously odd ways,” and as “an infant prodigy in illustration and cartooning.”


Reinhardt’s image as spontaneously political and ever-close to other disciplines, like literature, was a paradigm in the art scene around him. His scathing, ironic tone acutely pointed out the weaknesses in his colleagues’ artistic view, which gained him the respect and enmity of many. Continuously interested in teaching and studying, he found a place for himself between academia and the world of art, in which he created the refined and peculiar portrait, full of intelligence and humor, in this collection.


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