Una carta para Adam Nankervis

David Medalla

David Medalla is a pioneer of land art, kinetic art, participatory art and live art; his work has frequently defied categorization. Medalla has described his work as a dialogue between himself, the media and its collaborators and public. Nomadism, the collaborative process, spiritual beliefs and politics sustain his work and affirm his lifestyle as an artistic profession.

Born in 1942 in Manila, the Philippines, Medalla was admitted at the age of 12 to Columbia University in New York, at the recommendation of the poet Mark van Doren. In Paris, in 1960, the philosopher Gaston Bachelard introduced David’s first performance in France. Years later, also in Paris, the poet Louis Aragon presented another of Medalla’s performances and praised the Filipino artist as a genius. Marchel Duchamp made the Medallic Sculpture for him in 1968. From 1964 to 1966, Medalla edited the Signals Newsbulletin in London. In 1967 he established the group The Exploding Galaxy. Between 1974 and 1977, he was the president of Artists for Democracy and the director of the Fitzrovia Cultural Centre in London. In 1944, he founded the Mondrian Fan Club in New York, with Adam Nankervis as vice president. David Medalla has had many exhibitions around the world.

This book contains an evocative letter written by David Medalla to Adam Nankervis during his time in Mexico in the year 2000. Throughout these pages he narrates a night-time encounter with the shadows and ghosts that gather in an old church in the city center.

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