Teignmouth Electron

Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean (b. Canterbury, 1965) trained as a paintor; she now works with a variety of media, including drawing, photography and sound — but is best known for her 16 and 35mm films. Dean’s work seeks to connect past and present, reality and fiction. It creates maps of both the objective, outside worlds and the inner, personal worlds, tracing the complex interactions between the two.

Dean is fascinated by the sea as a motif, and uses it in her works as a reference to the sublime. Its elemental force is representative of human emotions: turbulent and unruly. Especially moved by Crowhurst’s tragic story —his failed attempt to sail alone and uninterrupted around the world on board the Teignmouth Electron— she began her research for this book. Here, she explores the personal aspects of Crowhurst’s journey, portraying his thoughts and images alongside images of the boarding ceremony that took place at Caiman Brac.

First published by Bookworks in England, Alias’s cover artwork for this edition portrays a still frame from the 16mm film that Dean shot of the Teignmouth Electron.



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    978-607-7818-06-9 [1ª edición], 978-607-7985-11-2 [2ª edición]