Rock, mi religión

Dan Graham

Pop art is a representation
of a representation;
it represents the representation
of the massive media,
which is, in fact, a second hand
relationship with “reality”.

Dan Graham was born in Illinois, United States in 1942. Today he is considered an indispensable figure of the 60’s conceptual art movement. His work focuses on the relationship between the work of art and the spectator. A great part of his research has been directed towards several mass media subjects, which has led to the publication of a large number of critical texts.

Graham explores a variety of platforms: installation, performance art, video and photography, to name a few. His interests range from public architecture to punk and popular expression.

In Rock, mi religión / [Rock My Religion] (1982-1984), the author analyzes the relationship between fanaticism and music industrialization in our contemporary society. He exposes the teenage consumer’s phases, a product of the alienated American suburbs of the 50’s.

Starting with the vertiginous history of music bands, television shows, movies and performance art from the 60’s, this academic essay explores the aesthetic codes and historical contexts that fed the rock and roll phenomenon.

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