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David Hammons

David Hammons is an African American artist, primarily known for “making things in the streets,” around Brooklyn and Harlem, New York, who places himself at a point between Arte Povera and Marcel Duchamp. Hammons creates his work out of the waste and detritus of the prototypical African American community’s everyday life—chicken wings, Night Train liquor bottles, locks of curly hair, bottle caps, etc. His ingenious, refined sculptures, as well as his installations, performances and bodily depictions are nourished by his critical vision of racism and cultural stereotypes.

Abraham Cruzvillegas translated this book upon hearing its texts read out loud. It brings together the essays that Tom Finkelpearl, Alanna Heiss, Kellie Jones and Robert Farris Thompson wrote for the artist’s retrospective in 1991, as well as a short text by Lynne Cooke and an interview of Hammons by Loise Neri, published in 1992 in the magazine Parkett.

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