Lina Bo Bardi por escrito. Textos escogidos 1943-1991

Lina Bo Bardi

 I don’t define monumental by size or “stridency”; it is simply a question of the collective, of a collective consciousness. That which goes beyond the “individual” and reaches the collective, can (and maybe should) be monumental.


Lina Bo Bardi [Rome, 1914-São Paulo, 1992], a graduate of the Architecture Faculty of the University of Rome, she was part of the resistance movement against the German occupation during the Second World War. She worked in Milan with Giò Ponti and ran Domus magazine. In 1946, married to Pietro Maria Bardi, she went to Brazil and settled in São Paulo the following year. Her wide-ranging activities included theater, cinema, cultural production, conservation of cultural heritage, magazine editing, organizing museums, graphic design, standardized furniture all sprang from the search for Brazil’s deep roots. Her projects include the Bardi’s residence (1949), the MASP (1957) and the SESC’s Leisure Center (1977).

In Salvador she designed and supervised the construction of the Museum of Modern Art (1959), and took part in the urban conservation project to preserve the city’s historic center.

This book reveals the Italo-Brazilian’s extraordinary capacity for transforming her creative universe into words. The 33 articles gathered here were originally published in magazines such as Lo Stile, Grazia, Domus and A – Cultura della Vita as well as the newspapers Habitat and Salvador’s Diário de Notícias. These articles point to and advocate for new concepts for housing, furniture, popular art, museology, restoration, education and cultural policies. The texts are all illustrated with original drawings, photographs, the architect’s own graphic pieces, and designs used on publishing her texts.

About the organizers of this publication

Silvana Rubino [São Paulo, 1959] is a Doctor and professor of the History Department of Campinas University (UNICAMP) and advisor to the iphan.

 Marina Grinover [São Paulo, 1970] is an architect and is currently studying her Master’s, at the FAU-USP and is a teacher at the Escuela de la Ciudad.

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