Hélio Oiticica

Hélio Oiticica

Imposed cultures are always oppressive.
It is the non-nurturing glorification of the hidden,
where one can obtain reinformation.
But in a wider context, all nationalistic
paraphernalia is oppressive.

Hélio Oiticica was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1937. Although very well known in Brazil, only recently has he begun to be gradually known on an international level as one of the most profound and adventurous artists of our times.
Oiticica is an artist as well as a thinker. He places himself daringly between the avant-garde, popular Brazilian culture, the realities of the “underdevelopment” and the radicalism of the 60’s. His is a profound reflection about subjects related to “art”, “invention” and “liberty” in our contemporary world.

A product of the brilliant explosion of artistic activity that took place in Brazil during the fifties and the sixties, his art involved music, movies, and an advanced understanign of innovative shoots, penetrables and parangolés around the mid-60’s. He later spent time in London and New York before returning to Brazil, where he died in 1980 at the age of 43.

The pages of this book include many of the texts that the artist wrote while trying to understand both his own work and how to communicate it to others. They are texts that parallel his work, texts where he avidly developed his perspectives on art and culture, and where he analyzed Brazilian society and its place in the cultural and economic oppression of a globalized world. It contains essays that friends and critics wrote for the original edition, published in parallel to the artist’s first great retrospective in 1992.

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