Entre el mueble y el inmueble (entre una roca y un lugar sólido)

Between the Furniture and the Building (Between a Rock and a Hard Place), Jimmie Durham

Architecture isn’t organic, it isn’t part of evolution; it’s an invention of the State. Here I propose the thesis that architecture, like the holy spirit of this phantasmagorical and elusive entity called the State, invented the chairs. The chairs are spies.

Jimmie Durham was born in 1940 in the United States. He took part in the American Indian Movement and was the founder and director of the UN International Indian Treaty Council. He has actively participated in several artistic initiatives worldwide as a writer, editor and activist. His internationally recognized works were presented both in Documenta IX and at the Whitney Biennale. Durham received the 1998 grant from the DAAD (Deutscher Akade-mischer Austausch Dienst), in Berlin.

Since his return to Europe in 1994, Durham’s work has mainly focused on the relationship between architecture and monumental and nationalistic narratives.Entre el mueble y el inmueble (entre una roca y un lugar sólido) is the Spanish translation of a text that was published during the author’s exhibit: Jimmie Durham – Between the Furniture and the Building (Between a Rock and a Hard Place), Berlin, 1998. The book is published in duotone and is illustrated with the artist’s drawings and photographs.

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