Donald McRonald

Minerva Cuevas

Minerva Cuevas is a Mexican artist whose work is characterized by active social commitment and constant questioning of the existing economic system. Her work experiments with the potential of informal, alternative systems that encourage people’s participation. She uses electronic media to create installations, videos and photographs; she also avails herself of self-management strategies, actions and interventions in public spaces, as well as materials physically printed and published online that function as platforms for critical reflection on social problems.

Donald McRonald revolves around a performance of the same name in which a character, dressed as a clown, stands in front of the premises of the best-known hamburger chain and invites passers-by to enter and consume its products – all the while revealing information about the nutritional quality, working conditions and modus operandi of one of the largest corporations in the fast food industry. The book is an exploration of this action, from the artist’s own direct perspective, through research and material gathered for its execution.

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