Cildo Meireles

Cildo Meireles

In a way you become political when
you don’t have the opportunity to be poetic.
I believe that human beings would
undoubtedly prefer being poetic.

Cildo Meireles was born in 1948 in Rio de Janeiro, where he still lives. A key instigator of conceptual art, in the last four decades he has made some of the most politically revealing, aesthetically seductive and philosophically fascinating works of art. With a distinctive economy of mediums, he distillates complex ideas until he forms them into objects or laconic environments.

As an artist he inherited the Neoconcretism legacy, a Brazilian movement from the end of the 50’s that rejected the extreme rationalism of geometric abstraction and favored the creation of more sensorial works. His pieces demand the participation of the spectator and involve the body as well as the mind. The utopian optimism of Neoconcrete artists dissolved after the coup d’état of 1964, which marked the beginning of an oppressive military regime.

This book is a new edition of the catalogue, originally published for the exhibit of the artist’s work at the IVAM-Centre de Carme in 1995. It includes interviews as well as texts written by the author in which he reflects on his artistic process: the creation, selection. The artist preferred to recover the designers’ initial proposal for the catalogue, and it was used as the Alias cover at his request, which differentiates it from the originally published catalogue.

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